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This portfolio was created with HTML5, CSS3, and a little bit of jQuery and PHP.

After seeing examples of angled edges here, I decided to incorporate some into my portfolio. This created some challenges - positioning the nav and footer angles, accounting for the anchor tags, and adjusting for margins between sections. The angled edges could have been accomplished via SVG or CSS and for this site I chose to use CSS. I also decided to add CSS transitions to the Projects section images in place of jQuery animations. The "Connect" form on each page implements PHPMailer for sending the message.

The site optimization is valued "Good" with a rating of 94/ 100 on Google PageSpeed for desktop performance. The mobile rating is 84/ 100 and I'm continuing to increase its optimization.


  • Implementing angled edges to the site design
  • Incorporating CSS transitions
  • RWD with media queries
  • Increasing site optimization with Google PageSpeed


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